Finding Family

I realize that not everyone is lucky enough to be a part of such a loving family, so if you need an honorary family to encourage you, love you, and accept you, you can join the ever-growing Webb family. I was humbled in 2013 when I met Dan and Tami. A couple with huge hearts who raised three boys while opening their home to 20+ foster children and adopting five! Their older boys are all grown and married and starting families of their own. (So now you can see how this family is ever-growing, right?) These are the two who raised the man I am so humbled to call my husband. They instilled in him his passion for family.



Lucas and I met when my family began attending the church that his dad was the pastor of. I was not fond of the idea of attending a new church, but little did I know that The Lord was guiding us to an amazing church family with spiritual leaders who would later become my in-laws. After awkward phone calls and hang-outs and A LOT of encouragement from my mom to both of us, we went on our first date. On July 5, 2013 Lucas created a memorable night as he asked if I would be his girlfriend as we watched fireworks light up the lake. Fast-forward though several movie dates, a few fights, and a lot of growing: November 22, 2015 Lucas asked me to be his wife. What a humbling and character-testing season that was! We planned a six month engagement and started out married life with the most spectacular and extravagant celebration.  Becoming a Webb was exciting. Becoming a Webb meant everyone will know who I am from seeing me on Facebook before meeting me in person. Becoming a Webb meant I am loved and cared for, and for that I am eternally grateful. I am honored to be Mrs. Lucas Webb and I am excited to share with you our life adventures and challenges as they unfold.



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