The Piginning

“A pot filled with happiness, suspense and a million things to explore. Strongly flavored with dreams and a tablespoon of luck to complement those dreams. Add to taste love and care. Garnished with thoughts and ideas. Served hot, alongside surprises.” Sounds appealing, and like the perfect metaphor for what my life has become. A HUGE pot full of surprises.

If an individual told me just six months ago I would be living in a home that was built in the 1800s and would soon be on the brink of growing a homestead, my reply would have sounded something like; ‘I think you are prophesying over the wrong person.’ My husband on the other hand, was ready for it. It may have took some convincing on his end, but I would say I warmed up to the idea quickly. Dreams and goals have engulfed my life and each one involves our home and property.

Just a short month has passed since we closed on our house, and since we have done an incredible amount of work modernizing our farmhouse. While there is a never ending list of projects (they say home ownership will do that to a person), we have decided to go beyond our four walls and expand our animal friends. When Lucas mentioned raising pigs my reaction was definitely “YOU WANTED TO START ANIMALS THIS YEAR? Can we just…. get comfortable?” In my mind it was just going to stay on the “to-do” list for a verrrrry long time. Surprisingly enough I was the one who came across the piglets for sale. Before I could even process it we got the supplies we needed and headed to pick up three pigs. It was quite fun being completely new to this. We had no means to get them home, we had no idea how to pick them out, we didn’t even know how to hold them… You know who might know what they are doing… the people of the internet. Thanks to countless threads, blogs, or articles, we realized we had a large dog carrier that would work great for transporting our pigs home safely. We got to the pig farm, picked out pigs based on color, and off we went!

blog 7.jpg

Getting them into the truck was a breeze (we had people who knew what they were doing help us get them loaded.) Getting them to our pig pen down the hill was another story. We could not drive the truck very close to the barn because we had already got it stuck in mud one time already–didn’t want to experience that again. If anyone saw us trying to maneuver 150 pounds of pig all the way down to the pen they would have seen a show. But alas, we made it.. and so did the pigs. Now they are happily rooting and able to move freely in their new pen, enjoying cool water, and Non GMO feed. Just a shameless pastured pig plug for our future pork customers. (If this interests you, send us a message! We raise happy pigs!)


I would like to note that building a fence like this would generally be a two man job, but my over-achiever of a husband got it done on his own while I was at work… Really, what can he not do?!

blog 5.jpg

Watching the pigs in the evening has become my new favorite thing, and seeing how they interact with each other has been beyond entertaining. What was I doing before we had pigs again? I think they are starting to consume my life and I am perfectly okay with that.

blog 1.jpg

We are filled with so much joy and are excited to start making our dreams become a reality. Our homestead is going to grow beyond our three little pigs. We hope to continue to share our brand new experiences with you while providing a source of joy, entertainment, encouragement or even how-to. Thanks for joining us on our journey, we hope you stay awhile!


9 thoughts on “The Piginning

  1. Great job on getting the pigs to their new home. They can be a real handful! You guys are going to have such an amazing adventure with your homestead. I can’t wait to read more about it!


  2. Peegs! Oh man, piglets cute me out… I totally get hanging out for hours watching them. We joke around about the different “shows” we can watch around our place. Right now there’s “The Baby Goat Show”, Last year with the cicadas we had “The Hopping Chicken Show”. Soon we will get a re-run of ” The Ducklings in a Kiddie Pool Show”. 😀


  3. I’m sure that this little person with their feet in the grass will grow much healthier than those who grow just up in a bedroom and living room, in front of a tv and computer.


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