Works For Me: Not a One Man Job

You guys want some sausage?” Um YES PLEASE! Is that even a question?

While visiting my mother a couple of months ago she asked if we wanted any sausage from the pig they raised last year. Yes, that was a real question. Who would say no to such an amazing product?! As you can probably tell by now, I am a little bit of a sausage addict.  I tried the sausage that they had raised and the next day I had store sausage, I was completely shocked at the difference! In that moment I knew store-bought sausage was not for me, it was greasy and fatty with very little flavor. The home-grown sausage was rich in flavor, lean, and very easy to cook with. I knew I had to raise my own pork!

So we got pigs. (Read “The Piginning” to find out how that went!)

Since the opportunity to get these pigs happened so quickly, we did not have all of the fencing set up quite yet. We set up four sheets of plywood that were laying in the barn, sectioning off part of the barn, then we put half a bail of straw down as bedding. Boom! A pig pen, just like that! This was not going to be their ‘forever home’ but it bought us time.

I worked the next two days getting the fences up so we would be able to turn them loose into the grass. We decided on woven wire fence. It turns out, it is not easy to stretch and hang by yourself, but it works for me. Eventually, I would like to put a wire of electric fence inside to train them so we can easily rotate them into the field… but that’s a topic for another time.


Finally! After much sweat and sunburn, I got the fence up! We decided to add more steel T-posts in between the wood posts to add some stability. 

Now the little pigs can run and root all they want in the pen, which at their size seems huge!

IMG_0430 (1).JPG

I also set up an automatic waterer for them to always have fresh water. This project was very simple to install. The pig nipple only cost $5 at Tractor Supply, and fortunately we have a water supply conveniently located in the barn. Definitely beats dumping and filling a water trough over and over again.


The pigs figured out how to use it very quickly and went to town!


The logistics of making this happen were quite simple! Keep your eyes peeled for our next endeavor….. who knows maybe some chicks will show up.

~ Lucas


2 thoughts on “Works For Me: Not a One Man Job

  1. Isn’t home grown pork great! Yes wire wove is good but my pigs go straight under it. I counter this by running a single electric fence line right around the inside of the field. They develop a deep respect for the white line. They will eat that grass too – i think grass and exercise is the secret to good meat. I love raising pigs. i bet you do too.. c

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    1. Yes! These are our first pigs to raise by ourselves. I did end up adding a single electric wire on the inside about 8″ high to keep them from “testing” the fence. They definitely know where it is now!
      – Lucas


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