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Works For Me: Chicken Addition

That didn’t take long…


Thats right. We jumped right into the wonderful world of poultry. We got 15 chicks that were a week old! We chose ten Cornish Crosses and five Red Rangers. Both in which are meat chickens that grow at a faster rate. We are trying both breeds at once to see if there is a noticeable difference and if we develop a preference. The Cornish Cross is suppose to be a faster growing, wider breasted bird while the Red Ranger is a slightly slower and more of a scavenger for its food.

In typical Webb fashion- I picked up the chicks and brought them home before I had designated a place to put them.

I found an old plastic tote, put pine chips in the bottom, and  added a waterer and a feeder.

*sigh* The pressure was off and they had somewhere to be. A temporary home in a tote on the kitchen counter. Works for me!

The next step was to make them something a little larger. I moved to the shop behind the garage and found some old boards and extra pieces of drywall from the house renovation. I screwed them together, put cardboard down then put fresh pine chips in and added a heat lamp. We then showed our little chicks to their new home.

Or so we thought.

Fast forward four days:

Samantha and I decided to check out a farm store we had not yet been to. We walked in with no intention of buying animals, and then I heard it… that beautiful sound… the chirping of little chicks. I immediately rushed to the back of the store letting my ears lead the way, leaving my wife in the dust. The source of the sound lead me to several bins of chicks. After choosing several breeds, we left with 25 layers that were about a week old (and two rabbits but you can ask my wife about that one).
Now where do I put all these chickens??  They couldn’t fit in my tote and the meat chicks were in the new brooder. I ended up putting an addition on our brooder. I found more drywall pieces and added a smaller box on the side. We moved the meat chicks into the addition and put the new layers in the larger one.

Our 39 chickens will out grow their brooder soon. The meat birds are getting big quick and are almost ready to get out and see some grass.

My first chicken tractor is in the works and I look forward to sharing this project with you.
Until next time!
– Lucas

6 comments on “Works For Me: Chicken Addition

  1. Have fun! Our Cornish cross average 7.5 lbs in 8 weeks! Feed is given 12 hours on and 12 hours off. The heritage lines will take double the time to grow and the flavor is very different. We prefer the Cornish cross hands down! Yummy!


    • Thanks! At what age do you take them out of the brooder and off the heat lamp to be outside?

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      • I live in Michigan. We raise them in the spring and fall only, so they need heat lamps the entire time, due to night temps not being 60 degrees. Week 1 should be 95 then dropping temps. by 5 degrees each week after. By 8 weeks they will be fully feathered and can go outside during the day, but they should be processed around that time. They have an extremely short life span. By 10-12 weeks they are too big and you will start to lose them. We raise our Cornish outside in a large miveabke hoop house. We only raise 20 at a time, so they have lots of space. We have more than one hoop house we have build. They do not act like normal chickens! 😜. They do not free range well. It is not in their makeup. They know how to eat and poo! They are cute until about week 4-5 and then the explode in size to the point you will see skin for they grow so fast their feathers can’t keep up. Keep your layers and meat birds separate, for the meat birds need a higher protein meat bird feed and your layers will need chick starter/grower. Sorry for so much info! I have a bit of a chicken and duck passion!

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      • Great info thank you!

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  2. Ahhh! I’m jealous! I want chickens so bad and was disappointed to find out our city doesn’t allow them unless you have at least a half acre lot! Which is crazy because we live in a tiny town outside of the city in between a bunch of farms 😦

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