The Why

So we’re new around here. New to blogging and new to farming. So far we have established we have no idea what we are doing and we want to document the good, the bad, and the ugly and share it with the world.

How did we even get here?! I would have never imagined life to be this way…

Complete with a home built over 100 years ago, land that requires TLC, pigs, rabbits, and ESPECIALLY chickens. I come from a tiny town, a tiny home, and a tiny family. My only familiarity with nature was an occasional stroll through the woods when the mosquitoes were not completely overwhelming. Β My husband on the other hand comes from a large family, a large home, and his childhood was spent doing all things outdoors. His family actually raises various animals on a small scale as well. When I visited his family I was introduced to free-ranged chickens. Birds frighten me… I can’t be the only one petrified of over-sized birds that literally chase you. I am thankful that my husband looked past my fears and lack of desire to surround myself with what I would have called “smelly animals that are too much work” and decided he still wanted to ask me to be his wife.


Even starting our lives together we had no idea what we wanted our life together to look like. Oddly enough, some things just naturally unfold and you end up right where you are supposed to be.

The thought of hard work has never scared us. I currently work 40 hours a week and Lucas works 38, and 50 hours alternating weeks. Additionally, farming and home renovations can be time consuming and undoubtedly requires a lot of self sacrifice.

So why do we do what we do?

We are passionate about contributing to something greater than ourselves. We are consumed with joy when we get to spend time together outdoors. We enjoy having a place to gather and create memories. We have hopes and dreams of starting our own business. We gain a sweet appreciation for the beauty shaped by the hand of The Father. The reasons truly are endless. Most of all we want to share our dedication to working hard with others to inspire and encourage you to get off your couch and do something you love.

β€œI imagine a world where people wake up every day inspired to go to work and return home at the end of the day feeling fulfilled by the work they do, feeling that they have contributed to something greater than themselves.”

-Simon Sinek


We are staying busy, and most days you will find us outdoors– but for now we will head back inside to work on our upstairs renovation. After all, we only have one week before we need another bedroom available for family.


22 comments on “The Why

  1. Well I’m excited to read your journey. We are still a ways behind you but hope to be more self sufficient as the years pass.

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    • I hope some of our stories and mistakes help you have a bit of a smoother transition to self sufficiency! We’re only about a month in ourselves but I guess you could say we jump in quick! Glad you’re here for the ride! πŸ™‚

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  2. Oh and a little tip – unless you choose to moderate every comment (some do) you can add people to a trusted list so you only have to moderate new people coming by. I found that helpful and time-saving.

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  3. I enjoy your posts : ) , and because of that I’ve nominated you guys for the Versatile Blogger Award. If you would like to accept, check out my blog post, the rules are listed at the bottom. Have a great weekend !

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  4. Hello Samantha, thank you for the follow on my blog. I am glad to have come by yours. It reads beautifully. Cheers.

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  5. Easy to read.
    Good job over there

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  6. Hi, thanks for the follow on my blog. I have only read this entry, but looked some other articles over, and I am very impressed. I will have to catch up with the rest of it.I look forward to reading about your adventures as you document it.

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  7. Welcome.on board guys and i am thrilled to read more of you..

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  8. Hi, I admire what you’re doing. When my daughter’s neighbor (young couple with no kids yet) want to start a farm, it was very new to me that young people want to do farming. But young people in Portland, Oregon, US are different. They are so down to earth. Thank you for stopping by, I’m interested to know how you’re doing!!

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    • Thank you! It’s not all that common to hear about young farmers starting there own thing.. we just felt a desire in our hearts and it truly keeps us busy and makes us so incredibly happy. We have had a tough couple of weeks. I’m working on articulating how life is going. Thanks for visiting and encouraging. More posts to come very very soon!

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  9. Hi there! I love that you quoted Simon Sinek!! He is amazing! And I love your bravery. My husband wants to get chickens and my response is “ahhhhhh…. Maybe?” I’m nervous! Wonderful blog!

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  10. Ohhhh. Ok. Like a coop? This is exactly why I shouldn’t have chickens. I don’t know the terminology.


    • I didn’t either! Yes the new chicken tractor that Luke built is pictured in my latest post. This is an alternative to free ranging. They get the benefits of free ranging without the dogs or coons getting them. This way they also don’t terrify me from going outside. We just drag the tractor across the yard once a day.


  11. You confirm my belief that given time, most people exposed to nature will fall in love with it. And I bet you get to like chickens more and more as time goes by.

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  12. Welcome to blogging! What a life, farm life is quite interesting, it’s a story in itself. 😁. Thanks for sharing.

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  13. Awesome story!

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  14. What a fun road to be on! We are also just starting our homestead from scratch, and I just started blogging. Like you said, it’s a whole new world! But fun to meet others who are sharing their journeys also! πŸ™‚

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