The Chronicles of Pig Farming: PT 1

I thought raising pigs would be easy when I thought it just entailed making sure they are fed, secure, and happy…

Some days that is all it takes… maybe on the hot days spray them down with a hose… But, in light of recent events, we learn that it’s not always pig pies and flies (that’s how the saying goes, right?).

Allow me to preface the story:

We are currently up to NINE pigs. Four little ones, two 50lb boars, and the three OGs. Quite an increase from the last time I shared. We had a pen set up for the babies, a pen in the barn for the boars, the original fencing for the first three, and an electric fence pen set up around the wooded area in hopes of getting the big guys to move out there.

Alright… story time:

While at work Lucas contacted me to let me know we had a pig that was limping. We both were rather concerned never experiencing an animal injury before. I let him know that I could come home early to help separate her from the other two. Before I got home he managed to do it on his own. The Vet arrived shortly after I got home. He said it was the equivalent of us spraining an ankle and that he could give her some medicine to help with the pain. It took the three of us to pin her to get that taken care of, but quite frankly that was the easiest part of the day.  We then discussed how to keep her separated while she rests her injury… after some finagling we got her set up in a corner of the pen and allowed the other two back into the rest of the pen. We had been consistently trying to get these three to move to the electric fence but it wasn’t really working. We started feeding them at the end of the pen and slowly worked on getting them more accustomed to going down to where they needed to be to cross into their new pen. We decided to reopen the path between the two pens and put their food all the way in, in hopes of coming home to them being right where we wanted them.

*big sigh* SO… we leave to enjoy the county fair for a few hours with my in-laws dispite of the current state of dehydration and heat exhaustion.  We come home and immediately head down to the pigs to check on the situation. We first notice that our injured pig got busted out of her temporary pen by her friends…  That wasn’t really a big deal at all. When we took another step we saw the bigger issue.. we had one of the boars in with the big pigs and one boar not in the pen at all…

Don’t ask me how they both escaped their pen and ended up in two different locations… I have no idea.

We know we need extra hands and call my in-laws immediately. They head over and we come up with several different plans to catch this pig. Our next problem is getting the other boar out of the pen with the big guys.. so here we are catching our second pig of the night. Might I add that these two are not trained to electric fencing yet and we had to keep unplugging the power to get them to where they needed to be.. all while the three pigs were FINALLY happily in the pen that is secured by electric fence ONLY. We then had to use the hog panels from the babies pen to complete the new area for those guys. I chased the baby pigs in circles to pass across the fence. Ultimately, we had to finagle fencing and pigs to completely swap locations of the little pigs and big pigs. After a lot of laughing at our situation, a lot of sweat, a lot of work, and a lot of help. We did it! I may have had dreams all night of catching pigs, but this is the life we live… and they are all secure and much happier this morning.

Here is the only picture I grabbed all day…  Can you spot her? Little miss piggy resting her sprain.


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