Season of Joy

The happiest season has finally arrived! Not just the holiday season, but this season of life. There’s always a rainbow after rain. A season ending in sorrow has made way for light to shine through. Filling this time with joy, laughter, revelation, an abundance of love and so much more. My heart is content, and my love tank overflows.

A season ending in sorrow

An unexpected and incomprehensible tragedy occurred mid-October. My dear Aunt Alex suddenly passed away. This caused my family an immense amount of heartache.

With the all to short of time Alex got to be a mommy, she demonstrated a strength with vulnerability, and loved her baby passionately and fiercely. Within a years time this baby lost both of her parents. I pray that she is reminded daily that she had a mommy and daddy who loved her without limits. Standing on the word of God, The Lord is the Father to the fatherless and he will never leave them.

The light shinning through

With this unexpected heartache my mom flew from South Carolina much earlier than expected. While my older sister here in Michigan was due in November, my mom and younger sisters ended up staying at my house for nearly a month in between. I had the opportunity to spend much needed time with each of them and it truly blessed me to have them around.

On November 7th, we got to welcome Jayce Jordan into the world A very long and tiring 3.5 hours later, Jensen James made his first appearance on November 8th.

Kayla showed so much strength carrying, delivering, and loving these babies. They are so blessed to have her as a mommy.

After spending time with the babies my family had to say see you later and head back to South Carolina after a very long and exhausting month away from home.

Since adjusting back to life as we know it, we couldn’t let The Webb Homestead stay quiet for too long. We have excitedly welcomed four new Boer goats. Three of the beauties should be ready to “kid” in May, while the fourth has some growing to do. The baby of the group may have stolen our hearts with her clingy desire to be right there with us while doing all the chores in the barn.

We have spent our time building beautiful new pens in the barn, preparing for the treacherous Michigan winter, and loving on our animals. It’s made my heart grow immensely spending time next to the man I love while doing what we’re passionate about together.

Our homestead encompasses so many things that fills my heart with gratitude. I am grateful to come inside from doing chores to a warm, cozy house that’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. If you need an environment to feel surrounded by love, stop by! So much love goes into everything we do and we would love for you to share it with us.

Until next time,



16 thoughts on “Season of Joy

  1. I have been reading Wendell Berry’s newest book “The Art of Loading Brush” and thinking of your steadfast attempt to live on your little plot of land. I don’t know if you have ever read him, but he celebrates your approach to life.

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