The Final Countdown // Pregnancy Recap

December has finally arrived. The month I have been looking forward to since the day I found out I was pregnant. We are at week 39 and could not be more excited to welcome our little boy into the world any day now.

Back in March there was so much anticipation for our goats to finally have their babies. Each morning I excitedly entered the barn hoping the day had come… a couple weeks went by when finally, I walked into the barn to hear the tiniest little baaa. Waiting for Baby Webb has filled me with this anticipation yet again but to a far greater magnitude. Little did I know as I waited for those little goats to arrive, a life was forming inside of me. goats.jpg

After a couple weeks of feeling feverish and nauseous we had a sinking suspicion of what could be. While my husband was still asleep I received that plus sign.. I woke him up with the result and we talked all morning of what this meant for us. We were absolutely thrilled and it took everything in us to not blurt out to everyone we encountered our exciting news.

At only six weeks we had to share the news with our family before Luke could ruin the surprise. Apparently working with your dad everyday and keeping a secret from him is hard or something… (love you honey.)

Sharing the news with his family at our weekly family dinner was a fun memory. I casually turned to Lucas and said, “You should tell everyone what you are so excited about.” He followed up with “oh yeah.. we are having a baby.” Silence filled the table and jaws dropped, tears started flowing, all followed by my mother-in-law screaming with excitement across the table. Her enthusiasm is out of this world.

In May we had the amazing opportunity to visit Walt Disney World and New Smyrna Beach to celebrate Grandma and Grandpa Webb’s 50th anniversary. I was 12 weeks on this trip and while I dealt with a lot of morning sickness it was a wonderful vacation with our entire family.

I had been waiting for the end of the first trimester to share our news publicly so while on the beautiful New Smyrna Beach we made our announcement.


Anyone that encountered me during that first trimester could tell you I had a very rough time. 75% of women struggle with what is commonly known as morning sickness, although I can assure you it has nothing to do with the time of day. I was feeling oh so very sick pretty much all day every day for the first sixteen weeks of my pregnancy. Even though it might sound like it, I wasn’t complaining. I was ecstatic to be growing a life inside of me. It made eating mashed potatoes every single day completely worth it.

After I made it through those first sixteen weeks, I almost instantly felt better. My appetite was improving and my energy returned. I started watching my belly grow as the weeks went by and did not let pregnancy slow me down one bit.

Through our provider we only received one ultrasound at week 20. This was truly a unique experience and I was astonished to see the technology zoom into the most inner parts of my baby to view the anatomy close enough to see the four chambers of the heart. At this appointment we were thrilled to hear we were expecting a BOY!


I continued helping Luke with various house and farm projects as I was feeling like my normal self. Our summer flew by and during this time we added a full bathroom upstairs and remodeled our bedroom and nursery. Soon after that large project ended we moved on to fence in our field for the goats and cows, then began preparing for a barn to be built. I do not know why we are so ambitious… but we got the jobs done and learned that not much can slow us down. We are already day dreaming about our next big endeavor. One thing I have learned in our relationship is that we both have big dreams, and when we are paired together they are amplified to an entirely new level.

During this final trimester, my family hosted a wonderful baby shower where I was blessed to see so many smiling faces eager to celebrate this baby and shower us with love and gifts.

A couple weeks later my wonderful co-workers hosted a surprise shower. They blew me away with the generosity and thoughtfulness put into each gift. I am still so grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful people.

During the past few weeks, I had so much fun sorting through all the gifts… my husband might add that I went through all of them three times before I found a home for each of them. Things are getting organized, and the nursery is finally settled.

And then suddenly… were in the final stretch. How is it that those first few weeks seem to creep by then before you know it you are closing in on the finish line! Baby Webb will be here before I even know it. While I start to grow impatient, I cannot complain as I feel great, and we can both stock up on our sleep while we wait.

We pray that our sweet boy will make his way into this world on his own terms, that delivery is quick, and that recovery is a breeze. Thank you for believing with us and for following our journey.

I cannot think of a better way to end 2018 than with welcoming our sweet boy and being surrounded by family during the holiday season.

Best wishes to you and your family this season,

-Samantha, Lucas, and Baby Webb


One thought on “The Final Countdown // Pregnancy Recap

  1. Oh my sweetie….you wrote so beautifully. This will be so precious to your son one day. It is precious to me today! Love you so much and I am so looking forward to being GiGi ma….again!! My heart is full and God is so good!


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