Letters to my Little One // Month Two

It is such a strange feeling hitting the two month mark. It feels as though we brought you home just days ago but I have very quickly forgotten what life was like before you arrived.

Being home with you has been so much fun. We haven’t been apart for very long at a time. You’ve brought out my very protective side and I’m not ready to let you out of my sight. I know it’s okay for you to cry sometimes but it’s hard for me to let go and have someone else try and soothe you. I get so much satisfaction being the one who knows you the best and can figure out what you need very quickly.

You are growing so fast and we’re starting to see you reach some new milestones! Your feedings are becoming further apart, you’ve started to copy mom and dad when we make noises or stick our tongue out, and just today it seems like you’ve really found your voice. You woke up ready to give hundreds of smiles and shout and coo as loud as you can.

This month some of your favorite things have been bath time, leg massages, listening to someone sing or read a book, sitting in your vibrating chair while mom gets dinner ready, and of course bouncing.

Starting and ending the day with you is my favorite part of each day. You are so peaceful and happy after a night of rest. This is when you smile and talk the most and the perfect opportunity for mom to get those obsessive outfit of the day pictures. You’re just SO cute I can’t resist. Sometimes getting you to sleep isn’t always the most peaceful time but there’s something about those last moments when you lock eyes with me and drift off to sleep.

Mama is thankful that you’re happier often. You’re getting better at napping throughout the day and doing relatively good at night. Some nights are better than others but overall you’re doing wonderful.

You’ve turned me into an entirely new person and it’s easy to say it’s been for the better. You bring so much light to our lives and I couldn’t imagine our world without you.

I love you forever, my sweet boy.

Love, Mama


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