Letters to my Little One // Month Three

Wow, did I blink? Suddenly you’re not my little eight and a half pound baby anymore. Time has never gone by so fast. Before I know it you’ll be outside with daddy and the animals all the time having the best time. It’s okay that mommy is your favorite now because we all know you’re going to be dad’s best friend as you grow.

If I am ever out of sight it is the best feeling when you scan the room or smile when you hear my voice or find my face.

You are starting to show a little personality. You’re generally a happy camper but naturally you’re a little stinker when you don’t get what you want.

Mornings are still my favorite with you. You are such a happy boy after resting and you take time to yourself just talk and talk. I really take advantage of that time to rest just a little longer while I listen to your fun noises. I’ve been unswadding you and putting you right next to my bed and as soon as you look towards me you give the biggest smile.

How can it not be a good day when I get to start it with that smiley burrito looking at me?!

We’re going to have to find a new favorite time of the day when mom goes back to work. We’re getting close to my return date and have taken advantage of every moment we’ve got to spend together. Luckily for now I’ll only be there part time and not have to miss out on the time of your life where you do the most growing. That was my biggest fear when I thought about having to leave you for 9.5 hours a day. We are so fortunate that I work for such a great organization that we found a way to balance being a full time mama and a part-time employee. I’m so excited to see what our new normal will look like as I get back to doing what I love! And your cousin Abby will just adore spending those happy mornings with you!

You’re doing great at sleeping, and I am so grateful! I would say at this stage you sleep a 7 hour stretch regularly before you wake up to eat and then sleep 3-4 hours before waking up for the morning. Sometimes if you wake up a little earlier than normal you still just eat and go back to sleep for another hour. You’ve definitely got a rhythm going and I will be perfectly content if you keep it up!

Some of your favorite things this month have been your play mat, looking at new toys, listening to books, bouncing in the mamaroo, staring at engaging faces and talking back and forth, snuggling your mama, and as usual- eating.

We got to have such a fun time with your cousins! They were intrigued by your noises, and Jensen really showed you affection. He rubbed your belly, gave you kisses, and even offered you his bottle. From the side you you look a lot more like him then his actual twin and we love to see the resemblance! I think it will also be fun to remember Jayce is already picking on you. It didn’t take long for him to come over and snatch your binki right out of your mouth. I think the three of you have a lot of fun days ahead!

We also experienced our first virus this month. Though we don’t seem to leave the house much at this stage of your life we still managed to pick up a cold. Hearing your congestion makes mama sad but you sure are handling it like a champ! Mama- not so much. You were so kind to share! It took getting sick for me to realize I have not taken any time to myself since you’ve arrived and daddy had to facilitate getting some help for a morning so I could try to break a fever. I’m trying to learn how to ask for help when I need to care for myself so I can better care for you but it certainly does not come naturally. Thankfully your dad is helping me with this pride thing or whatever it is!

It is so hard to believe you started growing just one year ago. It seems like you’ve been a part of my life forever. Elias my angel baby, you will never truly comprehend this wild, indescribable, deep, love I have for you.

I love you forever bubba.

Love, mama


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